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Instruction Manual (NaPoWriMo #4)

I wish someone had told me sooner

that love was deeper than settling

that life was granderĀ than existing

that success was more than winning

I played a game

assuming the rulesĀ 

rather than reading

I wondered why I fell behind

I was angry that I wasn’t in first

I was depressed that I was left.

Now I’ve taken the time to listen

learning the rules

I learned that there are no rules

and in assuming there were I fell behind

focusing on what never was.


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DMT (NaPoWriMo #3)

After 3 hits

I was shattered

I felt my pieces fly away from my core

I was nothingness

giggling like a schoolchild

for 8 minutes.

About 9 minutes in

my pieces came back


I felt a new body

a new mind

a new spirit

It was 2 o’clock

early morning

and the weight I never knew I had

never came back down

with the rest of me.

The world is a beautiful place

I am in control

I embody love

I think healthily

After 3 hits

I was fixed

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